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Sam Pepper’s sexual assault ‘prank’ video has been removed from YouTube



So it would seem:

youtube removed

As Twitchy reported earlier this morning, the video showed Pepper pinching women’s butts (apparently) without their permission. Many people, including a number of YouTube stars, criticized the video.

Initial reaction to YouTube’s removal of the video has been uniformly positive:

Sam Pepper's disgusting video has been removed from YouTube. #TeamInternet http://t.co/ORmHAUbwee

— Kara Sander (@kara_sander) September 22, 2014

I went to check the dislikes on sam pepper's video and look !!! thank you youtube finally !!! pic.twitter.com/a8E1ni7Xtr

— hannah†centuries (@iceteamalum) September 22, 2014

Round of applause that @sampepper 's **sexual harassment** "prank" has been removed from YouTube. Seriously, good riddance.

— Kylee Asakura (@KyleeAsakura) September 22, 2014

Some Twitter users are claiming that YouTube suspended Pepper’s entire account.

Sam Pepper's YouTube account got suspended, oh my god😂😂

— Ella (@ella_bottoms) September 22, 2014

Apparently, Sam Pepper's Youtube channel was suspended. Thank God.

— Cameron Conner (@mostlyimabore) September 22, 2014

At the time of this writing, that is untrue. The channel is still up. Only the sexual assault “prank” video has been removed.


YouTube star Sam Pepper slammed for ‘prank’ sexual assault video




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