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This Guy Jumped Off The Golden Gate Bridge And Survived To Tell His Story


Suicide is one of the most taboo subjects in American society. Rather than talk about it, many of us would rather avoid the conversation entirely. This has led to an incredible stigma about suicide that makes it difficult for people to reach out for help. Many people with suicidal thoughts are afraid to talk about it because of how people might judge them, which only increases their plight.

Kevin Hines knows more about this than most people. When he was younger, his mental illness went untreated until he chose to end his life, by jumping off the Golden Gate bridge. Through luck, or fate, or some kind of miracle, Kevin survived the fall, becoming one of only a handful of people to do so out of the thousands who have fallen. Most choose such a definitive way to end their own life don’t get the chance to reflect on it, and Kevin is using his unique perspective to reach out to others, writing books, creating films, and giving talks on not only destigmatizing a taboo topic, but also how to seek help when you yourself have these thoughts.

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