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‘Avengers: Endgame’ writers reveal the meaning of Tony Stark’s ‘3,000’ line



Warning: This article contains spoilers forAvengers: Endgame.

The Marvel movies are drenched in Easter eggs, callbacks, and tiny hints toward future movies. For this reason, when Tony Stark repeatedly tells his daughter “I love you 3,000” inAvengers: Endgame, fans thought there had to be a reason. A few theories about the significance of the number have been floating around online, and we finally have an answer.

Here are the two most popular theories, along with what the movie’s writers have said on the matter.

Avengers: Endgame 3,000 meaning: Twitter theory

According to Twitter user @AshBoio, the total runtimes for every Marvel movie so farincludingEndgame andSpider-Man: Far From Homeadd up to 3,000. They posted their theory to Twitter almost exactly a week afterEndgame debuted.

The theory postulates that Marvel decided to put the very specific number into the film to pay homage to the 3,000 minutes worth of viewing that Marvel Studios has delivered thus far. It also assumes the runtime ofSpider-Man: Far From Home, which we don’t officially know yet.

A few people found discrepancies with the theory. For one, a few of @AshBoio’s numbers are slightly off from what the Daily Dot’s verification found. Several movies, includingAvengers: Infinity War, have slightly longer official runtimes than @AshBoio listed. That means that the runtime forSpider-Man: Far From Home would need to scrape in at 109 minutesor an hour 49 minuteslong. While not impossible, that would make the Spider-Man sequel the shortest Marvel flick so far.

As soon as it was out there, @AshBoio’s theory was blowing people away. They had some feelings about the possibility of such a heartwarming homage.


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