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National Novel Writing Month: Writing 50,000 words with 10 other writers — in a castle


(CNN)A picturesque castle in southwest France is the setting. The mission: To write 50,000 words in November.

The challenge is part of National Novel Writing Month, known online as Nanowrimo, which this year had social media buzzing because 10 participants brought their novels to life at the imposing Chteau de Cadrs.

    Here's where I'm living for a couple weeks with other writers while I work on a book. #nanocastle

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    US author Derek Murphy is the man behind the project.
    “Spending Nanowrimo 2016 in a castle with a group of authors was exactly the kind of thing I wanted to be known for,” he said.
    “I figured if I get 10 writers to split the cost, it wouldn’t be very much. However, I invited several participants to stay for free,” Murphy told CNN.
    “The work I produced here gets more value from my new relationships and experiences. I’ve helped 10 authors bring their books to life by completing Nanowrimo in a castle. Two of our guests reached their word count in less than two weeks,” Murphy said.


    After completing the challenge 11 times, she says writing from a French castle is a welcome adventure.
    “I’ve been able to really focus on writing, rather than fitting it into the cracks of my busy life,” she said.
    To inspire participants from afar, she uploads pictures of her life in the #NanoCastle online.

    Coolest thing I've done on this trip… and maybe ever. Took a boat through Gouffre de Padirac, which is the MOST AMAZING CAVE. Ended up two kilometers underground in a beautiful, spooky cavern. I already want to go back.

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    “I think the internet makes the sharing of information easy. Each year, more writers find out about it, which makes other writers intrigued. It spread rapidly this way,” said Horner.
    “The world needs your story simply because you have the basic human right to tell it.”

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